4 Signs You Need A Fresh Website Design

old website

1. Your website does not have a responsive design so it’s not mobile friendly.

Over half of all web traffic is accessed using mobile devices. People will look at your website on their laptop when they get home later, but it is quite possible that they’ll take a quick look on their mobile device first so you have to make a good impression right away. If your website doesn’t display well on a mobile devices then your company is definitely losing traffic, enquiries and sales.

2. Your content is out of date and you have little or non-existent SEO leading to your domain.

If you can tell or feel that your website needs a redesign then your SEO is likely needs that extra boost. If you are not updating your website content often, your site will go down in rankings since search engines increase ranking on sites with the most recent and relevant content for its users.

3. You have no or almost no Call to Actions.

Every page on your website needs to have a call to action. A Call to Action can be anything from a contact form, or something telling them call you now or even just to register for a newsletter.

Take advantage of your opportunities by making it easier for users to insert their information on your page. This Call to Action, will give you a better chance on turning them into a potential customer.

4. You think twice before giving someone your website.

Your businesses website should be effective at representing you and your business so it should look professional. If you find yourself thinking twice about telling someone the URL to your site, then it is definitely time for a new website design.

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